Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leaving again for the first time

Hello my patient family and friends.
I am back to blogging again after a long recess, due to my mom's health crisis this season. A week or so ago, she was finally well enough to move into the assisted living room prepared for her.
I am so grateful!
Tomorrow we leave again for Sedona, and will be on the road for five days or so. I am going to begin blogging regularly again. So far, Sedona seems to be a better place to do it, with more free time available for writing and other things. So starting tonight, all Hallow's Eve, I hope to blog at least 3 x a week or more, and hope you who are still checking will notice and let me know.
The sunset picture today symbolizes the end of another season here, filled with beauty and surprises, some stress and much good. This will be the fourth time we will be setting out for Sedona for three months or more, and though we now are getting the hang of preparing to leave, putting the house to "sleep" etc. it still feels like something new as well as familiar.
We are not the same. The weather is not the same. The trip will not be the same. And neither will our time in Sedona. Even in familiar places, things change. That's life. And that is a good thing, most of the time.
One of the things that will be different is that I will be leading week long retreats in Sedona in January, February, March, and April. Many of you know already about this, having received a flier from me. If any of you do not and want more info. just let me know at my email address:
I'll have my trusty camera at the ready as we travel the road, and you may be sure there will be interesting things to see, experience, and reflect on. So stay tuned.
Meanwhile, I invite you to reflect on how "the same old" can also be fresh and new in your life, and how Nature teaches us through a wonderful balance sameness and newness: we get the same four seasons, year in and year out, yet each year, each season is just a bit different from the one before, and not as predictable as one might think! That reminds me that life keeps us on our toes with it's surprises. Our choice is how or whether we will welcome them or resist them.
And that determines how good we feel about our lives.